SaaS Solution for Agricultural Event Management

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In Ireland there is a very interesting tradition that happens every year. They organizing farms exhibitions and competitions. Currently, all the participants of these events have to follow the newspapers’ announcements in order to learn about the events in their region and then physically appear before the registration desk to pay the installment and get registered for the event. On the other hand, the event managers are keeping all the participant data in the paper based forms.


Flux Technologies together with the Customer has come up with the initiative to develop a SaaS solution that will provide all the tools and features for Event Organizers to publish the announcements of the events as well as to process the online registrations along with the online payments using Stripe API integrations.

The main features provided for the system include but are not limited to:
- Enable competitors to enter & pay online
- Generate prize schedules & catalogues
- Generate prizewinners reports & calculate payments due
- Generate daily reports of entries
- Use results data to create prizewinners reports for local media
- Automatic numbering system
- Entire exhibitor database at the touch of a button
A number of integrations are catered in the system so that the event organizers can easily embed the event registration/booking tools into own websites by just generating a simple JavaScript code and placing it in the iFrame of the website.


The solution has given a new breath to the traditional events where all the business processes were atomized and registration process became way easy. This has resulted into the growth of the number of participants since there was no need any more to physically appear before the registration desk but just register and pay the participation installment online.

The system comes with the module called "event designer" where the organizers specify the information about the competition along with the enrollment categories and criteria, set the participation pricing, venue information and publishing.

In order to cover all the flaw of the event management, organizers are given a set of features to enroll the results of the competition, using what the system auto-selects the winners list and generates the certificates making the accounting way easy.


Frameworks & Libraries:
PHP v5.6.21, Codeigniter Framework, JQuery v1.11.4 , Bootstrap v3.2.0
Database: MySQL v6.0
Integrations: Google Analytics, Stripe API


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SaaS Solution for Agricultural Event Management

I have had the pleasure of working with Flux Technologies on a number of complex web applications. They have always managed to exceed expectations.

Fintan O'Connell

Managing Director Inspire