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The Customer wanted to take the teaching and training filmmakers to the next level, which as they believe can be achieved by combining the hard work of practicing, ambitions and the access to the quality resources and a fair professional feedback.

The challenge was to design:
-a platform where the customer can share/sell the footage material to the trainees and make them accessible online and
-a channel for individual clients and organizations to communicate the results of their work online and get a feedback from the Customers team.
Moreover, due to the business specifics, major customization of the application was implemented to support a role based permission/access to the specific group of users for E-learning tools provided by the system


Flux Technologies has decided to offer a solution that would provide the Customer an opportunity to offer the digital product online and enable the custom solution where needed for the selected partners.
In order to save time and reduce the cost it was offered to build the store on top of Shopify platform with necessary customization. This decision is bound by the fact that Shopify covered most of the needed functionalities which, besides being a simple e-commerce application, has a number of other benefits as well.

The side benefits include but are not limited to:
- Unlimited storage
Given the fact that the products offered on the Cusomters’ shop are video footages of professional quality, the size of every footage is relatively big and that would be very costly to host these files on the dedicated servers and ensure all the server support and security measure that the Shopify comes with a fixed monthly fee.
- Back-Office
Shopify provides extremely user friendly and robust administrative tools to manage the stock and e-shop.
- Reporting tools
Shopify comes with a robust reporting system that provides number of predefined reports for accurate and timely assessment of the sales of the products and for making strategic decisions.

Besides the listed functionalities the platform provides developer tools and options for customizations through proprietary programming languages which made it possible for our team to go for large scale customizations and develop the custom components for the Customers projects and make a room for further development and enhancements.


We have come up with a modern and user friendly application where the users can easily register, buy the footage videos and be provided with the soft material ad-hoc, recover the old orders, manage their profile and eventually submit own editing’s through the application.

Additionally, due to the efforts that were put for customization it became possible to tailor the system for the specific set of the customer’s partners.

The application became one of the most visited spots for the professional video editors.


Frameworks & libraries: Shopify Platform, Liquid, PHP (for custom components) Database: MySQL v6.0 (for cusotm components)





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