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The customer is a producer and supplier of the Pet Care products in Austin, Texas, United States area with a plans to expand the business in other cities of the country. The available setup of the business was limiting the customer to grow and expand geographically.

The list of challenges was made but limited to:
- No availability of e-store, thus the clients had to either call or drive to the physical store.
- There was no clear understanding of the needs of the customer
- The logistics/delivery of the orders was managed on the paper based format
- In case of growth and expansion of the business in different locations would cause the stock availability, accounting and information non effectively manageable since there was no a centralized database to keep all this strategic data for effective decision making


We offered a combined solution to address all the challenges at once.

The following modules and tools were developed to address the relevant area of study: - Online Store: The e-Store integrated with e-Busket API - Order Management and an inventory/stock management. The API provides enhanced features for an e-Store. It is possible to place online orders and specify order details.
- Logistics management: considering the future geographical expansion of the provided services in different parts of the country, a comprehensive solution is developed to automate the business processes and the delivery scheduling of the products starting from the point when the order is made until the final delivery and confirmation of the receipt. Having direct access to the system, the drivers receive the ordered items for delivery and update the status from their own interface.
- Configuration: The system provides all the tools for the administrator of the system to configure the system so that for the e-shop and the delivery services to become available not only in the current area of service but as well in other Cities of the countries. This is made possible by defining teams working in the city including but limited to Store Managers, Stock/inventory managers, drivers, logistics managers.


The provided solution fully automates and organizes the business processes making the accounting and delivery much easier, accountable and transparent. This in its turn allows to analyze sales data, delivery and other activities in order to support better and more accurate decision making.

On the other hand the clients were given a user-friendly and robust e-store solution to buy and setup own recurring orders and once for all forget about the pets’ care shopping :)


Frameworks & libraries: PHP v5.6.21, Laravel, JQuery v1.11.4 , Bootstrap v3.2.0, Laravel Basket
Database: MySQL v6.0
Integrations: Stripe API, ESIGN API, Google API, PayPal API,

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