6 Benefits of Working with a Software Development Company

benefits of working with a software development company

The struggle for startups and entrepreneurs trying to make their dream a reality is real! The market is full of software development companies and freelancers. Which one should you work with? Perhaps you put out a request on a freelancing platform. Or maybe you even looked up a couple of company websites. Once you get that far, you’ll notice some companies have awards from reputable platforms like Clutch. Well, that’s reassuring, but it doesn’t make your decision to work with a software development company or not any easier.

As a result, you find yourself wrestling with the ever-pertinent question: Is cooperating with a software development company the best option for my project? To help you answer this question, we’ve put together a list of the top benefits working with a software development company gets you. Check it out and then decide for yourself:

1. Full Lifecycle Development  

Software development companies can accompany you from start to finish. From idea generation through maintenance once the product launches, a software development company has the knowledge, experience, and manpower to accommodate your needs. By contrast, this may or may not be the case with freelancers who may specialize in only one part of the development and can only take on a certain amount of work. 

2. Complete Control Over the Development Process

Part of what makes people weary when it comes to outsourcing is the concern that they may lose control over the development process. Here, it’s important to note that when you work with a software development company, they take complete responsibility for the work and team. In turn, you as the partner can hold them to account. So, for example, if during the development process one developer leaves the company, they will have someone ready to replace them. In this case, all onboarding processes go smoothly since the replacing developer is still someone internal. This means, even if someone new has to be brought onto the team it will be done in a time-efficient manner and will not negatively impact product development.  

3. Scalability & Gathering the Appropriate Talent

At some point in the development process, you may come to realize that your project needs more experts than you anticipated. If you’re working with several independent freelancers and now are faced with the need to hire more this can become tedious, ineffective, and risky. Sometimes you may not necessarily even know what profile of developer you are looking for, what areas they need to specialize in, etc. Can you imagine beginning a search for, interviewing, and eventually integrating another specialist midway? Neither can we. 

That’s where working with a fully-fledged development company really comes in handy. Similar to the point we made above, full-stack companies are more agile and can onboard people faster. So instead of being your own HR, you trust the company to make the appropriate team expansions. 

4. Teamwork & Effective Communication in a Software Development Company

Another main benefit of working with a software development company is the fact that the team is managed by a project manager. As a partner, you are constantly in touch with them and receive updates, meeting minutes, and reports. In fact, not all communication has to be that formal. PMs today will usually alert you to the slightest hitch or bug. They will keep you in the loop and offer constructive solutions to any problems. The reality is that coordinating the day-to-day activities is not something you will want to do or have time for. As an entrepreneur, you are more focused on the bigger picture.

5. Software Development Companies are Always Available for Updates & Maintenance

If you have a team that has been with you from the beginning and knows your product inside and out, it’s easier to reach out whenever your product is being updated or needs routine maintenance. This transition happens very naturally. Normally, when you build a rapport with a certain company, you tend to stick with them.

And, hey, once you are armed with another brilliant product idea, more likely than not, they will be ready to work with you again. What could be better?

6. Long-term Commitment

In line with the previous thought, software development companies are in it for the long haul. Unlike freelancers who you usually hire as a one-time deal, companies do more than just develop your product then toss it in their portfolio. They take pride in what they develop and are as invested as you are in seeing it succeed. And finally, over time relationships build which often lead to further collaborations in new projects. 

From our experience at Flux, we can say that 90% of our partners are long-term. And there’s nothing as exciting as discovering new horizons with familiar faces. 


So while the search for finding the software development company that’s right for you may not be immediate, we hope this list helps shed some light on how they work. To get a better idea of what working with a company such as Flux would be like, drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to talk more.

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BY Flux Team